Custom lineage charts for your wall or website
Follow these four steps to get your lineage chart:
     1. Order your chart, making the initial deposit or base payment of $40 by credit card, check or money order via our Initial Payment page.
     2. Prepare a file with the data for your chart, following these specifications, and email it to us as an attachment.
     3. An email will tell you when your draft chart is ready. Review the chart and consider my comments and suggestions (if any); if changes are needed or desired, specify them (and this step will repeat).
     4. Make your final payment when satisfied with draft chart, following the instructions in the email announcing the draft chart.
     Chart preparation timetable: One or two weeks after you order a lineage chart and supply the chart data, a first draft of the chart will be placed temporarily on the web for you to review. After you review this draft, you will supply any desired changes (in a few cases there may be several successive sets of changes before a customer is really happy with the chart). After you pay the remaining cost of your order, a final version will be prepared relatively promptly and placed on the web for copying (and printed and shipped to you, if desired).

Pricing for color lineage charts

     Note: the table below can help you estimate the cost of a chart. The actual cost of the chart will be computed from this table (using the fixed price package option if it is applicable and gives the lowest charge) and reported to you when you are given a draft to review. The draft will be a medium-resolution PDF file; a similar file can be supplied for the final version of a chart (at no extra cost), and a web version of the chart can be prepared (contact us for cost). A fine-art quality printout adds $24.00 to the cost.

American lineage chart fixed price package: a single lineage (two ancestors per generation) including up to 30 individuals (living in America) and up to 4 illustrations relating to them. Add more generations or illustrations (or pre-American ancestry and illustrations) at rates in table below. Note that the base cost is included in this package, but not printing or shipping; note also that special custom visual arrangements requested by the customer are not included in the package price. (This package won't be economical for those with short charts, but billing will always be based on whichever is lower: the package pricing or the a la carte approach below.) Follow these specifications to supply data. $140.00             
Base cost of a customized chart. $70.00
Charge for creating chart segments from text data supplied in electronic form by customer (preferably following these specifications). $7.00/couple
Illustrations (scanned by customer or already available) to be placed in margin of chart. A caption should be available for each illustration. $7.00/illustration
Quotations to be placed in margin of chart. (No charge)
Charge for each additional child (after the first) from whom descents are traced in a chart showing multiple descendant lines (see example). $28.00
Charge for each case where descents are traced through both spouses in a chart showing multiple ancestral lines (see example). $28.00
Available pre-colonial chart segments connecting to royalty (including some illustrations).
Sample chart combinations for descendants of Edward I of England.
(Prices vary)
Charge for optional fine-art quality printed version of the chart (first copy); there is a 50% discount for the second and third copies and a 75% discount for the fourth and following copies if ordered at the same time. (This charge applies for charts up to 24 inches wide; wider charts will be printed in sections with a printing charge of $24.00 for each section.) $24.00/printout
Ground shipping in the US (one or more charts in the same tube). $12.00

     If you want an additional chart that is almost identical to an already-prepared chart, the base cost of the additional chart is $6.00, and there is a charge of $6.00 per generation or illustration for revising generations or illustrations (plus, as applicable, the cost of printing and shipping). Thus, for example, it is inexpensive to create charts for children, siblings, cousins, etc.

     The printed portion of a chart is usually approximately 7.5" wide. Here is a sample, both full-size and at 25% reduction. This chart can be framed using a 12" x 36" mat; the content of the chart is approximately 7.5" x 31.5", and the mat opening is 1 5/8" from the edge on each side. (Wider charts can be arranged on an individual basis, e.g., to accommodate wider illustrations; extra-wide charts may be somewhat more expensive.)

     Illustrations can be scanned for a customer at extra cost. Image research or enhancement and biographical or genealogical research are also available at additional cost. (Contact us for details.)