Genealogy and
Technology Projects
Don Stone

Focus of my current work:
   Medieval and ancient genealogy; gateways to antiquity;
   HTML-based lineage charts.
My background:
   Emeritus Professor, Computer Science, Rowan University;
   B. Eng. Physics, Cornell University;
   M. S., Ph. D., University of Pennsylvania. My academic lineage: HTML version (328K), PDF version (325K). (My apologies for the small visual defects which allow the files to be reasonably small.)
My personal interests:
   Genealogy: I am co-listowner of GEN-MEDIEVAL, the RootsWeb mailing list associated with the newsgroup soc.genealogy.medieval;
   Photography: Manhattan, Oct. 2001;
Mueller State Park, Sept. 2012;
Thunderbirds near Pikes Peak, June 2, 2016;
Octuple Illusion.
Contact information:
   Send me email.

King John      



A Tribute to David Humiston Kelley, 1924-2011

Articles written or cowritten by Don Stone:
 •  “The Background of Dhuoda, Author of the Liber Manualis, Electronic Journal of Genealogy, 2000. (This Brazilian journal is no longer on the web.)
 •  “What Are We to Make of Ancient Lineages?” New England Ancestors 2.3 (Summer 2001): 18–20.
 •  “Among the Royal Servants: Welby, Browne, Quarles and Related Families,” with David H Kelley, FASG, and David C Dearborn, FASG, Foundations 3.4 (July 2010): 303–324.
 •  “[Eirene?], First Wife of Emperor Isaakios II Angelos, is a Probable Tornikina and Gateway to Antiquity” with Charles R Owens, Foundations 3.5 (January 2011): 349–390.
 •  I helped with the following article, including preparing the chart at the end: A Proposed Paternity for Ptolemaios of Kommagene: Mithradates, Nephew of Antiochos III by Renzo Lucherini.
Vita Brevis Blog posts by Don Stone are available here.
Books by Don Stone:

The Lanman Family: the Descendants of Samuel Landman of Boston, Massachusetts, 1687, with Data on the Boylston Family in England and America, 1968.
     An electronic version of this book can be borrowed from the Open Library
via or
read online (or downloaded) from

Medieval errata for The Lanman Family.
Annotated images:
Stone family in England and America. Stone family in Massachusetts. Stone chart, including DNA discussion. Gregory Stone cupboard provenance.
Arms of some Lanman ancestors.
Dr. Thomas Stilwell papers [a great-great-grandfather who was a friend and at times a physician of President Hayes]; itemization of Stilwell material at Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center.
1859 letter from William J. Kittrell [another great-great-grandfather] to his brother Pleasant W. Kittrell.
1861 letter from William J. Kittrell to his brother Pleasant W. Kittrell.
1834 letter from Pleasant W. Kittrell to his sister Sarah W. Kittrell.  
Other genealogical information:
Vita Brevis blog posts by Don Stone:
Venen and Hayward research by Don Stone.
Scottish royal descents of immigrants to America, compiled by Kelsey Jackson Williams, is now available (updated) at; for more information, see
Research of the late Marshall K. Kirk:
   Misc.: probable Errington descent from Edward IV of England; a summary and evaluation of the Kelley/Kirk proposed ancestry of Gov. Thomas Dudley; 1995 syllabus and bibliography for ancient genealogy; and ancient high kings of Ireland.
   Gallo-Roman genealogy:
 •  June 2000 bibliography relating to reconstruction of late Roman and Gallic genealogies: part 1, part 2, part 3;
 •  Emesa-Treves: background, charts, lists (including an analytical list of bishops of Treves) and discussion.

Some Genealogical Resources:

For gravestones:  FindAGrave has not only transcripts but also photos of many gravestones.

For prehistoric, mythical and genetic genealogy:

 •  In Search of our Ancient Ancestors: From the Big Bang to Modern Britain, in Science and Myth by Anthony Adolph;
 •  Common ancestors of all humans by Mark Humphrys;
 •  ISOGG (the International Society of Genetic Genealogy).
     For medieval genealogy:

 •  GEN-MEDIEVAL/soc.genealogy.medieval;
 •  Genealogics (large database covering medieval to modern period) created by Leo van de Pas and maintained by Ian Fettes;
 •  The Henry Project (ancestry of Henry II of England) by Stewart Baldwin:;
 •  The Community Trees Project (including, e.g., Welsh genealogies, Boyd's London Citizens, and British Isles Families with Peerage, Gentry, and Colonial American Connections), formerly accessed via the search page at, has been discontinued.