Custom lineage charts for your wall or website

Two ways to supply the data for your custom lineage chart

1.     Data for a chart can be extracted from a GEDCOM file.

2.     Data for a chart can be supplied in electronic format as a table of text. We supply an RTF chart template—downloadable in uncompressed, Zip or StuffIt format, and also in uncompressed AppleWorks format for the Macintosh (AppleWorks version 6 or higher)—which you can use with a word processor. Make a copy of this template, giving it a name consisting, for example, of your last name and first initial followed by the name of the person at the top of the chart (and perhaps a version number). You will enter your data into this file and then email it as an attachment to, with any illustration(s) you want to supply as additional attached files. Note that the template includes a place for you to specify if you want to use any of the available segments or illustrations (see below). Feel free to supply the genealogical details (birth, marriage, and death dates and places) in a GEDCOM file and use the RTF chart template only for the needed information which is not contained in the GEDCOM file.

     Available pre-colonial chart segments (including some illustrations).

     Additional available illustrations.