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Description and price list

The complete Ancient and Medieval Descents notebook is no longer available. The ancient descents that had been included in this notebook will be updated in a forthcoming book by Don Stone. (See However, the medieval descents are available as follows:

Some Medieval Descents of Edward I of England, a set of annotated charts (with black and white illustrations) showing connections with the significant figures of the medieval period; it consists of over 50 8.5"x11" pages bound in a custom loose-leaf notebook: $26.00. (See table of contents below.)

Each of the charts supplies information on some ancestral line of King Edward I (or his wives).

Related items (see details on supplementary charts below):

  • Chart from monarch down to colonial immigrant. $10.00.
  • Lady Godiva chart (if applicable; requires chart to colonial immigrant). $8.00.

Add $10.00 shipping within US, $13.00 to Canada or Mexico, $16.00 (surface shipping) otherwise. There is a quantity discount of 20% on the third (or later) notebook sent to the same address.

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More information

If you want more information or some sample charts, email me, and I'll send you a sample chart. Some Ancient and Medieval Descents of Edward I of England was reviewed by David L. Greene in The American Genealogist (January 1998 issue) and by Henry B. Hoff in The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record (October 2002 issue).

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Orders are normally made by filling out an order form and mailing it along with a check or money order to

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Payment must be via cash, check or money order. Payment via credit card is not currently available.

Also available

Customizable framable color wall charts are available for each lineage described here (and for other lineages, including down to the present). See

Table of Contents


Anglo-Saxon and Norman England

  • Chart 10:  Cerdic, Alfred the Great (see note below)
  • Chart 11:  William the Conqueror to Edward I of England

Medieval Nobles

  • Chart 20:  Rodrigo Díaz, the Cid

Holy Roman Empire, France

  • Chart 30:  Charlemagne
  • Chart 31:  Hugh Capet

Eastern Roman Empire

  • Chart 40:  Michael III, Basil I, Leo VI

Roman Gaul, Rome

  • Chart 50:  Flavius Afranius Syagrius

Medieval Spain

  • Chart 60:  Iñigo Iñígeuz Arista of Pamplona

The Middle East, France

  • Chart 72:  Count Theuderic
Note: Chart 10 was prepared before the publication of some recent articles on Agatha, e.g., by Wolf and by Guido and Ravilious.

Supplementary Charts

Charts for the following colonial immigrants are available:

Descent from King Edward I (as Chart 12):

  • Robert Abell of Massachusetts *
  • Joseph Bolles of Maine *
  • Elizabeth (Bosvile) (Harlakenden) Pelham of Massachusetts & Rhode Island *
  • Kenelm Cheseldine of Maryland *
  • Grace (Chetwode) Bulkeley of Massachusetts *
  • Jeremy/Jeremiah Clarke of Rhode Island *
  • Frances (Deighton) Williams of Massachusetts *
  • Jane (Deighton) (Lugg) Negus of Massachusetts *
  • Katherine (Deighton) (Hackburne) (Dudley) Allin of Massachusetts *
  • Thomas Dudley of Massachusetts (probable line via his father) *
  • Mary (Launce) Sherman of Massachusetts *
  • Anne (Lovelace) Gorsuch of Virginia *
  • Gabriel Ludlow of New York *
  • George, Thomas, Francis, and John Ludlow of Virginia *
  • Roger Ludlow of Massachusetts and Connecticut *
  • Sarah (Ludlow) Carter of Virginia *
  • Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson of Rhode Island *
  • Catherine (Marbury) Scott of Rhode Island *
  • Elizabeth (Marshall) Lewis of Maine *
  • Richard Palgrave of Massachusetts *
  • John Stockman of Massachusetts *
  • Col. John Washington or Lawrence Washington of Virginia *
  • Olive (Welby) Farwell of Massachusetts *

Descent from King John (as Chart 12):

  • Thomas Dudley of Massachusetts (via his mother) *
  • Hannah (Price) (Jones) (David) Evans of Pennsylvania
  • Edward Foulke of Pennsylvania
  • Anne (Lloyd) (Yale) Eaton of Connecticut

* indicates that this immigrant's descent from Lady Godiva is available as Chart 21. 

Details on supplementary charts:

The Lady Godiva chart for an immigrant can be ordered only if the chart from King Edward I or King John to that immigrant is also ordered, since the Lady Godiva chart connects with the chart from King Edward I or King John.

Since these charts are produced only on demand, please allow up to four weeks for preparation and delivery.