Custom lineage charts for your wall or website
About the charts
We publish custom lineage charts which usually show one or more descents from one (or several) ancestor(s), usually to one or more living persons. These charts generally contain some biographical data and some illustrations. The charts may be printed on paper and then laminated or framed. Or they may be used in personal or family history websites. Data on the more recent generations (or perhaps on all generations in the chart) are supplied by the purchaser.
A custom lineage chart can tell a family story with greater impact.
A story about an interesting ancestor or relative is usually told with words and pictures. Being able to see a lineage chart showing the connection between the story's characters and modern family members can give the story more emotional impact.
Types of charts
Single lineage
Multiple ancestral lines
Multiple descendant lines
Two or more lines to descendants, used, e.g., to show the relationship between two or more people. Compare the enlarged version of this chart with the do-it-yourself version.
A standard lineage chart, showing one couple in each generation.   Two or more lines from ancestors, e.g., descents from several pioneer families, Mayflower passengers, etc. Note the red outline surrounding each Mayflower passenger in the above example, better seen in the enlarged version of this chart.  
Chart details
Lineage chart as image file(s) for a website: A chart which is not very long is usually stored in a single JPG file (intermediate-sized example). However, if there are many generations, the chart can be broken up into two or more JPG files. It will often be split into one JPG file per generation; this allows the do-it-yourselfer to put the chart images in a column of a table and put illustrations in another column (sometimes in merged cells). Images are anti-aliased to optimize screen viewing when the font size in chart boxes would be small; note that anti-aliasing makes a printout of the chart image less crisp than a printout of the version optimized for printing (described immediately below).
Printed lineage charts: Charts are printed on 32 lb. or heavier matte-coated acid-free bond roll paper. The result is essentially a fine art print if the component illustrations are high-resolution. Unframed (often laminated) charts are typically 9" wide; matted and framed charts (framed example) are typically 12" or more wide. Charts can be as tall as needed, though long lineages or lineages with many illustrations are usually broken up into roughly 3' segments if they are going to be framed. (I have a graphic notation for showing that a lineage is continued on a nearby separate chart segment.) Framing information.
Typical charts:
   • Patrilineal descent from earliest known male-line ancestor. (Example)
   • Matrilineal descent from earliest known female-line ancestor (including, perhaps, a connection
      via dotted line to one of the "seven daughters of Eve").
   • Descent from or relation to a famous person. (One example) (Another example)
   • Descent from a person whose activities make you eligible for membership in a hereditary society. (Example)

If you have some tentative ideas about a lineage chart, feel free to contact us for feedback, suggestions about illustrations, etc.