Updates for medieval charts near the end of The Lanman Family by Don Stone (1968).

Update to Chart 1: First Line of Descent from Edward I.

Update to Chart 2: Second Line of Descent from Edward I.

Charts 3 and 4 must be discarded.

Chart 7 connects to a discarded part of Chart 2 and thus is not viable. However, there are descents from Lady Godiva to Ralph de Stafford (d. 1372) and Thomas de Ros (d. 1384), who appear in Chart 2 as updated. The descent for Ralph de Stafford is through Sibyl de Braose, wife of William de Ferrieres, 3rd Earl of Derby, and mother of Petronill de Ferrers, wife of Hervey de Stafford. The Complete Peerage correction volume (14, p. 250) cast doubt on the marriage of William de Ferrieres to Sibyl de Braose, but that doubt was resolved by Doug Thompson, http://douglyn.co.uk/BraoseWeb/family/sibyl2.html. Here are some details of the Stafford descent:

Godiva descent